What does the series teach?

The modules teach the top soft skill/essential competencies identified by businesses. The competencies are:

    1. Fitting into the company culture
    2. Understanding business, why their job exists, and how to increase their return on investment for a company
    3. Attitude and mindset management
    4. Time and priority management
    5. Managing work/life balance
    6. Adapting to change and managing stress
    7. Verbal and non-verbal communication skills
    8. Working in multi-generational teams
    9. Promoting the company image
    10. Written communication skills
    Who is the series designed to teach?

    The series is written at a respectful 10th-grade reading level and designed so learners apply lessons to their employment or job search context. It is designed to benefit the following groups at all levels across all industries:

    • Current or new employees
    • Adults and youth (aged 15+)
    • Students
    • Career changers
    What makes the series unique and effective?

    The Workplace Excellence Series is a unique and effective way to cultivate soft skills for several reasons, including that it is:

    • Developed with businesses from across multiple industries who hire employees at all levels 
    • Written from the business's perspective to be sure learners deliver what businesses consider excellence
    • Built on a foundation of brain-based accelerated teaching strategies proven to increase learner engagement, application, confidence, and retention
    • Taught in a live environment, per businesses request, to build habits that produce results in the job search and on the job
    What is the format?

    The Workplace Excellence Series is available in two formats:

    1. Ten flexible modules - use all ten or just those you need. All modules are available in English, Spanish, and Accessible versions.
    2. Youth Handbook - a bound handbook with sections containing the most valuable lessons for youth from all ten modules.
    Who is using the series?

    The series is being used in 30+ states across the U.S. by:

    • Businesses - for onboarding, employee/leadership training, and professional development
    • Education/Training institutions - for students and apprentices
    • Workforce development organizations - for job seekers, career changers, students, business services, incumbent worker training, and staff development
    Is the series available in other languages?

    Yes! The ten modules are available in:

    • English - written at a respectful, engaging 10th-grade level that connects with an array of learners.
    • Spanish - culturally adapted and translated into a universal Spanish for Spanish speakers across the U.S.
    • Accessible version for learners who are hearing and/or sight impaired

    The Youth Employment Handbook and all facilitation materials are available in English only.

    Must we teach all ten modules?

    No. The 10 modules work great as a series, as stand-alone modules, or in varied combinations. You may purchase and teach those that work for you.

    How long does it take to teach the modules?

    Each module can be taught over 2-3 hours, depending on the size of the group and the amount of interaction and application you allow.

    What is the Youth Handbook?

    Designed to build essential soft skills before "bad habits" develop, this 68-page, full-color, bound handbook includes the best lessons for youth from all 10 modules in four sections plus pre-and post-assessments.

    1. Suiting Up & Succeeding in Today's Workplace: WORKability + TRANSITIONability + SUITability
    2. Managing Your Time & Mindset in the Workplace: DEPENDability + REASONability
    3. Thriving in Today's Changing, Multi-Generational Workplace: ADAPTability + RESPECTability
    4. Making a Great Impression Every Time: PRESENTability + COMMUNICATIONability + WRITEability

    The Youth Handbook is available in English only.

    What is the cost for a learner to complete the series?

    It depends on which topics you teach and the volume of your purchase. The cost can range from as little as $7 if you teach many learners a single module to $100 if you teach the entire series (or handbook) to a handful of learners.

    Retail: $10/per
    Volume: $9/per on 100+ | $8/per on 1,000+ | $7/per on 5,000+

    Youth Handbook
    Retail: $100/per
    Volume: $90/per on 100+ | $80/per on 1,000+ | $70/per on 5,000+

    *S&H: 10% Volume: 8% on $1,000+ | 6% on $5,000+ | 4% on $10,000+
    *Pricing includes access to all instructor materials

    How do we purchase the series?

    Once your trainers are certified (or registered to become certified), complete and submit an order form. The materials will be shipped via USPS Priority from North Carolina to arrive within 7 working days and you will receive tracking information. 

    We would be happy to schedule a call to learn more about your organization so we can make specific recommendations.

    What facilitator and other support materials are included?

    For each of the ten modules, there is a facilitation guide that offers one great way to bring the learning to life in a group, plus a PowerPoint slide deck, and materials for any suggested activities. These materials can also be used when teaching from the Youth Handbook.

    These resources are available in a DropBox to those who purchase the curriculum. Instructors are not required to use these resources.

    Does the series have to be taught by a Certified Facilitator?

    Yes. Only WPE Certified Facilitators can teach the series.

    How do our trainers get certified?

    To become a WPE Certified Facilitator, a person must:

    • Participate in the 2-day WPE Certification Event, including demonstrating their learning by giving a 10-minute presentation on the second day
    • Submit their signed WPE Certified Facilitator Agreement to confirm they will honor the copyright, purchase curriculum for use with their learners, etc.
    • Pay the certification fee

    The WPE Team and our partners host these events across the county throughout the year. Or, you can bring us to your location to train 10+ individuals.

    Throughout the year we offer our virtual WPE Master Trainer Upgrade program for WPE Certified Facilitators who want to become WPE Master Trainers so they can train new WPE Certified Facilitators in the future.

    Check out our upcoming certification events here.

    What does the 2-day WPE Certification Event teach?

    The WPE Certification Event focuses on:

    • Understanding the series content and materials
    • Thinking like a business/employer (as the series is written from the business's perspective)
    • Using brain-based, accelerated teaching strategies (which are embedded in the series)
    • Practicing and demonstrating training skills
    What is the cost for facilitator certification?

    We offer two levels of certification.

    • WPE Certified Facilitator: $500/per
    • WPE Master Trainer Upgrade: $500/per.  WPE Master Trainers can also train WPE Certified Facilitators

    We offer discounts for early registration and groups of 6+

    Fees cover the 2-day training, pre-training and training materials, certificate, 3-year certification, and ongoing support. Certification must be renewed every 3 years for $175 and 6 hours of continuing education.

    Master Trainers receive additional training and materials.

    Youth never think about how their work affects the bottom line for an employer.  This curriculum is invaluable in helping the youth I work with truly understand the world of work.


    V.P. of Youth Education, Job Training & Employment Corporation