Who the series is built for

No matter who you are training, our human-powered soft skills curriculum builds life-long tools needed to transform potential into career and company success.


Maximize the power of your employees by giving them the skills and tools needed to get your company a competitive edge in the in the evolving economy.

Workforce Development Organizations

Join us and countless other innovative organizations that are addressing the most in-demand skills while transforming customers' potential into performance.

Educators & Trainers

Help your learners understand their true value in the workplace and translate it into real-life, long-term outcomes.

What Our Clients Say

Tish Hodge

Tish Hodge

Regional Director of Human Resources

"Once you’ve hired someone, you INVEST in them. You groom them for success, and brand them to what the organization is looking for so that you have a star employee. Turnover costs. So instead of paying that cost, how about putting them through The Workplace Excellence Series?”

MaryAnn Profeta

MaryAnn Profeta

VP of Career Success Institute

"We are contracted to train apprentices at BMW facilities in California, South Carolina, and New Jersey. We teach them essential workplace skills using The Workplace Excellence Series. They LOVE the workshops and are fully engaged."



Youth Learner, MD

“The workshops support what we bring to the businesses by making sure that we know what we're doing, when we're doing it, keeping us conscientious of our actions, the workshops are very informative and I believe that they really do help students who might not necessarily know exactly how to behave in the workplace.”

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